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Venezuela is a country full of natural beauties, here are some of the most beautiful natural reserves in the country.

Female jaguar photographed in a Costa Ri

This national park is located in the state of Bolívar, in southeastern Venezuela, and is known for its impressive landscape of mountains, rivers, waterfalls and lakes.

Image by Waren Brasse

The state of Amazonas is one of the 23 federal entities that make up the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, located in the southern region of the country. Its territory extends through the Amazon region of Venezuela, one of the richest areas in the world in terms of biodiversity.

Image by Alenka Skvarc

The Imataca Forest Reserve is one of the most important protected areas in Venezuela because of its rich biodiversity and valuable natural resources, such as tropical forests, rivers and mineral deposits.

Image by Mr. Hickmott

Los Roques is an archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea, north of Venezuela. It is made up of a group of islands, cays and sandbanks, which extend over 200,000 hectares of coral reefs and crystal clear waters.

Image by kazuend

The Caura River is one of Venezuela's main rivers and is considered one of the most important in the Orinoco River basin. The river has a length of approximately 723 km and flows through the states of Bolivar and Amazonas.

Image by Kelvin Whitehurst

The guácharo and the caves of Venezuela are closely related. In Venezuela, some of the most important caves in the world are home to colonies of guácharos.

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