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A photo from a walk in the rain forest,



  • Imataca Forest Reserve. This reserve covers an area of more than 3 million hectares and is located in the states of Bolívar and Delta Amacuro, in southeastern Venezuela. 

  • Imataca Forest Reserve is one of the most important protected areas in Venezuela because of its rich biodiversity and valuable natural resources, such as tropical forests, rivers and mineral deposits. The reserve is home to a variety of animal species, including jaguars, pumas, monkeys, tapirs, macaws and a wide variety of birds and reptiles. 

  • Access to the reserve is restricted because of its ecological importance and the need to preserve its natural resources. However, guided tours and excursions are available with permits and prior authorization to learn about the reserve's landscapes and biodiversity. It is important to note that tourism in the reserve must be responsible and respectful of the environment to ensure its long-term conservation.

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