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Image by Stefan Kunze
Image by Stefan Kunze


The Sanema are an indigenous community living in the Amazon rainforest of Venezuela, specifically in the Caura river basin and its tributaries. Their current population is estimated to be around 3,000 people.

The Sanema are hunters and gatherers, and depend on the forest for their livelihood. Their culture is marked by their deep connection to nature and their knowledge of medicinal plants and jungle survival techniques. 


Like other indigenous groups in the region, the Sanema have faced threats such as deforestation, oil exploitation and illegal mining in their territory. They have also been affected by the introduction of diseases and the cultural influence of Western society. 


Despite these challenges, the Sanema continue to fight for the protection of their land and culture. They have worked in collaboration with local and international organizations to document and preserve their traditions and knowledge, and have fought to secure recognition and protection of their rights as indigenous peoples. 


Overall, the Sanema are a valuable and respected community in Venezuela and around the world for their knowledge and wisdom about the Amazon rainforest, and their role in preserving the environment and cultural diversity.

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