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The influence of the Venezuelan diaspora in global culture


In recent years, Venezuela has experienced a massive migration of its population due to the economic and political crisis that the country is going through. This Venezuelan diaspora has left its mark not only in the places of destination, but also in the global culture. In this blog post, we will explore the remarkable influence of Venezuelans in different cultural aspects around the world.

1. Gastronomy:

Venezuelan gastronomy is renowned for its richness of flavors and iconic dishes. As Venezuelans have settled in different countries, they have brought their traditional recipes with them. Today, it is common to find Venezuelan restaurants offering delicacies such as arepas, hallacas, cachapas and tequeños in cities around the world. The popularity of these dishes has grown significantly thanks to the Venezuelan diaspora, making them an integral part of the international culinary scene. Venezuelan cuisine has gained worldwide popularity thanks to its unique and delicious flavors. Here we present three highlights that are enjoyed in different parts of the world.

  • Arepas: Arepas are one of the most recognized dishes in Venezuelan cuisine. These delicious corn dough pancakes are filled with a variety of ingredients, such as cheese, meat, chicken, avocado, beans and more. Their versatility and flavor have led to the opening of numerous arepa restaurants in different countries, making them a favorite among Venezuelan food lovers.

  • Cachapas: Cachapas are a sweet and savory treat consisting of pancakes made of shredded baby corn. They are served with handmade cheese, butter and, optionally, ingredients such as shredded meat or ham can be added. Their mild flavor and combination of textures make cachapas an irresistibly delicious dish.

  • Pabellon Criollo: Considered Venezuela's national dish, Pabellon Criollo is a combination of flavors that enchants diners around the world. This dish is composed of white rice, caraotas negras (black beans), carne mechada (shredded meat) and tajadas (fried ripe plantains). The combination of ingredients and flavors creates a unique culinary experience that has conquered the palate of many.

2. Music:

Venezuelan music has also found its way to the global stage thanks to the diaspora. Traditional genres such as joropo and merengue caraqueño have captivated international audiences through live performances and recordings by Venezuelan artists. In addition, the fusion of Latin American rhythms and contemporary genres has given rise to new musical proposals that have left a mark on the global scene, highlighting artists such as Ricardo Montaner, Franco De Vita and Chino y Nacho. We also present you three other outstanding examples:

  • Devendra Banhart: Born in the United States, but of Venezuelan descent, Devendra Banhart is a renowned singer-songwriter and musician. His musical style encompasses genres such as folk, indie and psychedelic rock. His creative approach and fusion of cultural influences have won him accolades and fans around the world.

  • Ilan Chester: This talented Venezuelan singer and composer has left an important mark on Latin American music. His style encompasses genres such as pop, ballad and folk music. Ilan Chester has been recognized with several awards and has taken his music to international stages, standing out for his distinctive voice and emotive lyrics.

  • Los Amigos Invisibles: This Venezuelan music band formed in Caracas has achieved great success in the diaspora and beyond. Fusing genres such as funk, electronic music and pop, Los Amigos Invisibles have created a catchy style all their own. Their energetic live performances and danceable music have made them a reference in the international music scene.

3. Visual arts:

Venezuelan visual artists have found recognition and success abroad. The diaspora has allowed their works to be exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, expanding their visibility and reach. The creativity and originality of Venezuelan artists are reflected in paintings, sculptures and other artistic expressions that have become references of contemporary culture.

  • Carlos Cruz-Diez: Considered one of the most influential kinetic artists of the 20th century, Carlos Cruz-Diez left an enduring mark on contemporary art. His works focus on the interaction of color and visual perception, using techniques such as installation and kinetic art to create unique visual experiences. His legacy and contributions have been recognized worldwide.

  • Alejandro Otero: As a prominent figure in abstract art, Alejandro Otero has left a significant mark on the international art scene. His innovative approach and exploration of form and color have earned him recognition and exhibitions in major museums and galleries around the world. His work has influenced subsequent generations of artists and has left a distinctive mark on modern art.

  • Marisol Escobar: Known artistically as Marisol, this Venezuelan sculptor and painter is recognized for her figurative works and unique style. Her wood and plaster sculptures capture the human essence with a touch of humor and social criticism. Marisol was one of the few women artists recognized during the height of the pop art movement in the 1960s and 1970s, and her artistic legacy continues to be appreciated today.

4. Literature:

The Venezuelan diaspora has also influenced global literature. Venezuelan writers have found new perspectives and inspirational themes in their migratory experiences, capturing them in their works. These books, which explore identity, uprootedness and the search for new horizons, have captured the attention of readers around the world, enriching the literary landscape with Venezuelan voices. Venezuela has been the cradle of numerous nationally and internationally recognized literary authors. Some of the most outstanding Venezuelan writers are:

  • Andrés Bello: Considered one of the great intellectuals of Latin America, Andrés Bello was a poet, essayist, philosopher and humanist. His works cover diverse genres and themes, and his contribution to the Spanish language was invaluable.

  • Arturo Uslar Pietri: This renowned Venezuelan writer and politician is known for his precise style and his ability to portray the social and political reality of his country. His most outstanding works include "Las lanzas coloradas" and "La visita en el tiempo".

  • Teresa de la Parra: A pioneer of women's literature in Venezuela, Teresa de la Parra is the author of the acclaimed novel "Ifigenia". Her works are characterized by their exploration of the identity and status of women in Venezuelan society.

  • Romulo Gallegos: Winner of Venezuela's National Literature Prize, Romulo Gallegos is recognized for his novels, including "Doña Bárbara", considered a masterpiece of Latin American literature. His writings address themes such as social injustice and the struggle for freedom.

  • Arturo Sosa: This outstanding Venezuelan poet has left an important mark in contemporary poetry. His works are characterized by their lyrical and evocative language, exploring themes such as love, nature and identity.

5. Fashion and design:

Venezuelan designers and talents in the field of fashion and design have left a significant mark globally. Their creativity, combined with artisanal techniques and native materials, has given rise to unique and avant-garde pieces that have conquered the international catwalks. The influence of these designers is reflected in trends and styles that extend far beyond Venezuela's borders. The Venezuelan diaspora has given rise to talented designers who have left a significant mark on the fashion and design industry. Here are three outstanding examples:

  • Carolina Herrera: Internationally recognized, Carolina Herrera is a Venezuelan fashion designer whose timeless elegance and sophistication have captivated personalities and fashion lovers around the world. Her designs are characterized by clean lines, high quality fabrics and a refined style that has left a lasting influence on contemporary fashion.

  • Angel Sanchez: Another talented Venezuelan designer, Angel Sanchez has gained worldwide recognition for his elegant couture designs. His creations stand out for his meticulous attention to detail, his use of luxurious fabrics and his ability to enhance the beauty of the female figure. Her designs have been worn by celebrities at red carpet events and have left a distinctive mark on the fashion industry.

  • Raquel Allegra: Although Raquel Allegra was born in the United States, she is the daughter of Venezuelan parents and has been strongly influenced by her cultural heritage. This fashion designer has gained recognition for her unique and creative garments, which combine innovative prints, interesting textures and avant-garde cuts. Her bohemian and artisanal style has conquered fashion lovers around the world.


The Venezuelan diaspora has brought with it an invaluable cultural contribution globally. From gastronomy to the arts, Venezuelans have left their mark on different cultural aspects in different parts of the world. This diverse and enriching influence is proof of the creativity and resilience of a community that, despite the difficulties, has managed to stand out and enrich global culture.

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