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Interview with Count Friedrich von Luxburg Carolath, President of the Global Venezuelan Social and Business Club Foundation.

Updated: Jan 10

Published on January 7, 2024, this interview with Count Friedrich von Luxburg Carolath, president of the Global Venezuelan Social and Business Club, sheds light on the critical economic challenges facing Venezuela and the strategies needed to pull the country out of its current situation.

Count Luxburg emphasizes the need for a holistic approach to reviving the Venezuelan economy, addressing issues such as hyperinflation, economic diversification and attracting foreign investment. The interview delves into the key changes needed to stimulate economic growth, including fiscal reforms, stabilizing the currency and maintaining transparent exchange rate policies.

Count Luxburg advocates maintaining the bolivar as Venezuela's currency, despite the prevailing dollarization, stressing the importance of restoring confidence and stability in the national currency. He discusses the possible outcomes if these changes are implemented, focusing on bringing back skilled professionals, prioritizing education and encouraging sustainable development practices.

The interview also addresses the political landscape, urging constructive collaboration between government and opposition for the betterment of the nation. Count Luxburg Carolath stresses the importance of unity to overcome the challenges Venezuela faces, both internally and on the international scene.

An important part of the interview pays tribute to Count Carolath's mother, known as the "Angel of Trujillo", for her humanitarian work during World War II, contributing to the establishment of the German Hospital in Zulia and founding an orphanage.

Count Carolath presents his next book, focusing on poverty, social development and aid programs, with special attention to microfinance as a tool to effectively combat poverty. The interview also discusses his recent presence in Dubai, where the foundation participated in discussions related to COP28 and sought inspiration from development models in the Gulf countries.

In a message to readers in Venezuela and around the world, Count Luxburg highlights the resilience of the Venezuelan people and calls for unity in difficult times. He expresses confidence in the nation's potential for development and economic recovery with the concerted efforts of all communities.

Overall, the interview provides a comprehensive overview of the economic challenges facing Venezuela and the multifaceted strategies proposed by Count Friedrich von Luxburg Carolath to address them. He stresses the importance of collaboration, stability and sustainable development for the future of the country.

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