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Friedrich Graf v. Luxburg zu Carolath-Beuthen

President of the club

Friedrich Graf v. Luxburg zu Carolath-Beuthen is a distinguished philanthropist and business leader with a deep interest in Venezuelan causes. He currently holds the position of President of the "Global Venezuelan Social and Business Club", an organization he founded with the aim of promoting and supporting projects that strengthen relations between Venezuela and Germany, as well as collaborations on a global level. His main focus is to contribute to the democratic development of Venezuela and to work towards building a prosperous country.

Luxburg zu Carolath-Beuthen is also the Head of House of Luxburg Carolath, a position he has held since February 1987, accumulating more than 36 years of experience in that role. This house has a rich history, dating back to the formation of the Alliance in 1869.

In addition, Friedrich Graf v. Luxburg zu Carolath-Beuthen serves as President of Luxburg Carolath Attorneys/Lawyers (VE), a civil partnership established in 1941. During his 36 years in this position, he has consolidated the firm's presence as a hybrid entity, combining legal and business skills.

His commitment to the welfare of Venezuela is also reflected in his role as President of the Luxburg Carolath Foundation, an organization established in 1940 that has been active in various projects to improve the quality of life in the country.

In addition to his contributions in Venezuela, Friedrich Graf v. Luxburg zu Carolath-Beuthen is the founder of Bermel von Luxburg Gallery, an autonomous entity based in Berlin, Germany, established in May 2018. This gallery has been operating for 5 years, promoting art and culture in a hybrid interface.

With a multifaceted career spanning philanthropy, business management and supporting diverse causes, Friedrich Graf v. Luxburg zu Carolath-Beuthen emerges as a leader committed to building bridges between nations and driving initiatives that foster prosperity and democracy. His legacy spans decades and addresses crucial aspects of Venezuela's integral development in a comprehensive manner with the collaboration of other countries.


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